Jedi Covenant GTN Alerts 2/12/15

If you have alts on servers that I am not currently covering and would be interested in helping pull the price/quantity data so that your server can have GTN Alerts too, please comment on the article or reach out to me via Twitter or my email in the contact tab on the menu bar.  Also, planning to do the next video GTN Alert during the weekend but still firming up the exact timing.

Purple Grade 11 Materials:

  • Adaptive Circuitry: steady profit material with strong sellers market starting with low offer of 33,000, in line with the average of the past few weeks, despite brutally low supply quantities.  A weekend price jump within reason given supply dynamics in place and recent history, previous high for lowest available offer was 38,500 two Saturdays ago as a reference for upside potential.
  • Autoimmune Regulator: currently pricing just below it’s average at 25,000 but still a very profitable 5.8x multiple of blended unit cost and tends to move around within a range from current lowest offer price up to about 30,000 as a lowest offer price if you want to list some this weekend.
  • Doonium: had a breakout day to the upside with a current lowest offer of 23,000 per unit, representing a 35% premium to its average lowest offer price.  Supply is in line with its average, so very strong sellers market heading into the weekend and any units you can sell above 20,000 are elite profit margins for Doonium on Jedi Covenant.

JC Doonium_2.12.15

  • Midlithe Crystal: supply still nowhere to be found and lowest offer price took the opportunity to blow through the top of its trading range to nearly 32,000 and 41% above its average lowest offer price.  This is an incredibly strong sellers market heading into the weekend and rare profit margin territory if you can sell units north of 25,000 (the prior trading range’s top).

JC Midlithe_2.12.15

  • Ottegan Silk: still terrible market with no demand it seems, but the price is still comfortably above the vendor arbitrage price of 330 credits, despite ever-increasing supply quantities.
  • Verpine Fiber: continues to follow the very cyclical price pattern that’s been covered the last few days, which indicates prices may have even a bit further to fall from the current lowest offer of 10,000 as the weekend begins.  Still not sure how much demand is out there for this material, which might be contributing to the big price swings as seller re-list at varying prices looking for elusive buyers.

Blue Grade 11 Materials:

  • Biocell Memory Core: just avoids arbitrage territory, but the seller would have more net profit in vendor sale once GTN takes 6% commission.
  • Havod: price has come back to earth by about 35% but still only blue material avoiding the vendor arbitrage line lately for some indiscernible reason.
  • Hemostatic Gel: no-win territory above vendor arbitrage price but less than 50% of unit cost from missions.
  • Hiridiu Crystal: just avoids arbitrage territory, but the seller would have more net profit in vendor sale once GTN takes 6% commission.
  • Trimantium: just avoids arbitrage territory, but the seller would have more net profit in vendor sale once GTN takes 6% commission.
  • Veda Cloth: inexplicably listed for 165, the precise vendor liquidation standing bid.

Green Grade 11 Materials:

  • Anodyne Extract: I’ve highlighted it for a few days in a row, but the volatility in this material on Jedi Covenant is very unique.  The lowest offer is back to the upper part of the bi-modal range, which looks more and more like some market-makers constantly having to buy up under-priced supply as it is listed in the 300-500 per unit range to bring the lowest offer back to the 700-900 per unit range.

JC Anodyne_2.12.15

  • Enigmatic Artifact Fragment: supply only recovered slightly from yesterday’s low, but the price dropped back to 990 as the lowest offer, I am holding out hope that the selling range of 1,450 to 2,000 will regain prominence soon, but eventually I will have to adjust the realistic expected range going forward if 800-1,200 continues to dominate the daily low offer price.
  • Farium: solidly trading at what appears to be a stable equilibrium of sorts with prices and supply right at their average levels and price stability improving recently as well.
  • Luminous Blue Crystal, Luminous Green Crystal, & Luminous Red Crystal: no vendor arbitrage opportunities, no otherwise notable or actionable angle to be found yet.
  • Metamorphic Cell Culture: still within the narrow trading range of 200-400, but right at the bottom of the range today.  Simply not a material that’s making too many people rich probably and has never really traded above the gathering mission unit cost, so only node-gathered supply profitable to sell.  Use it to make MK-10 Components for the best bang for your buck probably.
  • Molytex: solid sellers market above 2x multiple to unit cost and week-long price trend in place between current 1,200 lowest offer and about 1,400 lowest offer.  Go spend some quality time in the Masssasi Village section on Yavin 4 to gather a ton of Molytex for sale if you need credits!
  • Ruusan Crystal: the trading scenario that was mentioned yesterday is building steam and it almost looks like a higher price point version of the Anodyne Extract price volatility but at a slow pace instead of the above’s frenetic daily flips from top of range to bottom of range.  Sellers should aim for the top portion of the range above 1,200 per unit and consider becoming a market-making buyer when it falls below 1,000 lowest offer to maintain the top half of the trading range.

JC Ruusan_2.12.15

Other Notable Items:

  • MK-10 Kits: the lowest offer price is incredibly consistent and still much more profitable than components given each others current price ranges and optimal companion crafting choices.  Check out that consistency in price levels:

JC MK-10 Kits_2.12.15

  • MK-10 Components: Jedi Covenant has consistently less costly MK-10 items than The Harbinger, but even on a relative basis to its own price history these MK-10 Components have a low offer that is 12% below average.  There is hope heading into the weekend though which has seen 45,000 to 48,000 lowest listed offer levels previously, so if you are going to list after reading this aim somewhere between the current low and those levels for best positioning most likely.
  • Synth-net Implant Processor: there has been a meaningful amount supplied below the vendor cost of 800 credits every day for nearly three weeks.  Buy the current lowest listing at 675 to save credits compared to 800 at the vendor to buy this material. 
  • Vanadium Flux, and Zoosha Solution: nothing actionable, not pricing sub-800 like the prior note unfortunately.

Thanks for reading, I truly appreciate all of the interest in this content.

– Andrew | SWTOR Economics


3 thoughts on “Jedi Covenant GTN Alerts 2/12/15

  1. A point of interest — how do you choose which crafting materials you’re tracking? Also, do you think there’s any value in tracking Conquest related crafting mats? Thanks!


    • I just started with the grade 11 materials since they were newest, but definitely want to expand the list of materials covered. My vision for that is to only write up the interesting or notable GTN markets each day from the full list of items available. That’s still a few more backend efficiency improvements away, but I’d envision adding the other grades of crafting materials sooner than later hopefully.


      • I’ve been tracking all of the crafting mats plus the Conquest stuff sporadically and it’s interesting. Time consuming, but rewarding when I run into an under priced item that moves well. Don’t have a lot of data, though, only 3 complete data sets and I wasn’t tracking volume of offerings.
        The differences between crafted cost of a conquest item and its sale value are sometimes informative.


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