GTN QuickView 3/2/15

Reference Table for Unit Cost & Vendor BidRemaining Servers Need Stronghold Keys!

I only need a Stronghold Bronze Key to be able to pull the same data for Jung Ma on the North American servers and all of the European servers.  I have heard from a number of people, but we both have to be online simultaneously so that you can send my alt the key, which has proven more difficult that anticipated.  If I can connect with people on the remaining servers I will immediately pull the first round of data for that server and add them below.

The reference table (right) is a useful benchmark for all servers for the standing bid at any vendor for the item and my calculation of the blended unit cost of running Rich and Bountiful missions.  Always buy anything listed below its vendor price and at the very least sell it to the vendor for free profit equal to the difference between purchase price and vendor bid.

**Updated** The Red Eclipse


Begeren Colony


Jedi Covenant



Jung Ma

Pending Stronghold Key…

Prophecy of the Five


The Bastion


The Ebon Hawk


The Harbinger


The Shadowlands



As always, thank you for reading!

– Andrew | SWTOR Economics


10 thoughts on “GTN QuickView 3/2/15

  1. Magnificently useful! Thank you! I had been looking for a reference as to the prices vendors are willing to offer for items, now I have it!


  2. Hey, just curious – what period do you take samples over for averages? And do you drop old figures off after a period of time?


        • I drop anything over about 200k per unit as not priced for legitimate chance to sell. Trying to refine and make that more objective/systematic though (% from low or something like that). Also working on weighting the average, early version just averages the unit prices column, but that gives same influence to Q=1 listing and Q=99 listing which isn’t ideal. Constantly improving the system still, really just a high-functioning pre-beta quality build still so lots of hiccups along the way.


  3. thanks to one of your GTN Alerts for jc i found one hell of a sweet grab the grade 11 flux was on there and was well blow the vendor cost of 99 stack 79,200 for posted price of 40k grab it and now look here before i post or buy off the gtn


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