Collaboration Links

I already have a couple collaborations or appearances in the works with other Star Wars: The Old Republic media content.  Every time that someone reaches out to me about appearing on a show or podcast it is an incredible feeling to see the name of someone that I’ve always respected and followed for information about the game wanting to talk about STWOR Economics!  I will link to the content once it is posted, but also add teasers for upcoming collaborations or appearances in the meantime.

The Republic

A show on on Thursday nights at 6:30pm PST (9:30pm EST) hosted by Larry Everett.  I was a guest on The Republic on on Thursday, February 5, 2015, you can watch it here if you missed it live (or here as embedded from YouTube).  Special thanks to Larry for inviting me to be a guest on his show and for his encouragement of this blog since day one.

Update: Larry was kind enough to already let me come back on the show on February 26, 2015 and it felt much better without the rookie jitters.  You can watch the video here if you missed it live (pending YouTube link once it’s posted).


I’ve listened to the Ootinicast podcast every week for a long time, so it was very exciting when the show’s producer, Teo, reached out to schedule this interview with Chill, the host of the podcast.  The interviewed with Chill was recorded in February 2015 and you can listen to it here.  Special thanks to Teo, Chill, and everyone at Ootinicast,


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