Getting back in the saddle…

It’s a new year, the game is getting new group content, and I have a new iPad mini… I think it’s time to get back into blogging more frequently.  It is hard to beat the convenience of Twitter rants and occasional podcast guest appearances, but a little more structure and effort would be good for me I think.

It has been a long time since I posted anything and my drafts folder is full of partially written blogs from more than 6 months ago.  I want to revisit those drafts because I think there’s some good content there, but first I want to focus on more recent news and given the name of the website, how it might impact the economy of the game.

One goal initially is to stay away from the topic of the Galactic Command system and Command Experience (or CXP for short).  I have already spoken at length in multiple formats about the system and I don’t have much else to say about it.  The system is terrible and single-handedly led to me unsubscribing from the game for the first time in more than three years.  I subscribed again a few hours after the announcement of new operation bosses in development though.

Another topic I will avoid beating to death this time around are the financials of the game.  I will address the topic as needed, but my goal is to focus primarily on topics pertaining to the in-game economy, crafting, and other aspects of the game itself rather than devote hundreds of words to divining financial estimates from the parent company financial statements.

This re-introduction post is already running longer than intended, so I’ll end with a few requests.  If you have any topics that you would like to see me write about, please message me on Twitter or comment on this post.  Also, if anyone would be interested in helping with some web design and general website spring cleaning, feel free to reach out as well because I loathe the notion but know that it needs attention if I’m going to blog more frequently.  Finally, if there’s anyone out there that would like to join SWTOR Economics as a writer or contributor please send me a message.  I think that more consistent content through expanding the number of people creating content would be a positive so I would be interested to discuss your ideas or aspirations if you would like to blog about SWTOR without the hassle of setting up a blog and promoting it.

Thanks for reading as always and look for more substantive content coming soon.

Andrew | SWTOR Economics


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