Collaborating with TORCommunity

I’m excited to be able to announce that I’m going to be working with the incredibly talented team of people that have been assembling over at TORCommunity in recent weeks.  The details are still being worked out, but the basic idea is to include the GTN tracking aspects of my work in the database that is being created on that site.  I’m sure there will be many details to announce as it becomes a reality, but for now it is mostly about the vision that Hayward and the rest of the TORCommunity team have for the future of the broader SWTOR community.

I didn’t start this blog intending to become the primary source for GTN tracking and, as the past few weeks have shown so vividly, there will be too many times when I’m unable to bring the content to the community due to time constraints.  That is my main goal in this collaboration, to bring meaningful information about the GTN and the rest of the SWTOR economy to the player community in a more consistent manner by working with the great minds and better technology that this collaboration will bring to this effort.

I am not finished blogging here by any means, if anything this will hopefully allow me to blog even more by spending less time obtaining the data for my analysis posts once the system is in place.  There will certainly be time to invest initially to make my database contributions a reality, but I will find time to finish some of my draft posts in there somewhere, beginning with upcoming content to expand the unit cost analysis previously posted for the Grade 11 materials only to the entire spectrum of each crew skill.

Thank you as always for reading and I’d love to hear from you about this collaboration or any other thoughts and suggestion that you might have for me.

– Andrew | SWTOR Economics


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