GTN QuickView 4/7/2015

It has been too long since my last GTN QuickView post, but hopefully you’ll enjoy some of the improvements I’ve made in the meantime.  The biggest change to the presentation of the content is the use of an embedded Excel file replacing the former data table image.  The table below focuses on the items listed under the Crafting Materials section of the GTN, but I am open to other inclusions.  The database has been expanding too rapidly, which contributed to my extended break from posting new content, but my goal is to focus on the item listings that are of interest for the most players and not try to post too much data.

I would very much like to include Jung Ma to provide data on all of the North American servers as well as the remaining European servers.  Many people have reached out, but finding a time to connect in game has proven difficult to coordinate sometimes.  I’ll have all of the servers under the umbrella of my  database eventually, but please email me if you play primarily on a server not currently in the data and would like to allow me access to the GTN through your stronghold.

As always, thank you for reading and please let me know what you think of the new format and broadened coverage of the crafting materials market.

– Andrew | SWTOR Economics

One thought on “GTN QuickView 4/7/2015

  1. Thanks for the post Andrew! Love the filters, allows one to compare prices across servers to see what may potentially be overpriced/underpriced.


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