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During the day I am an investment analyst, in part to fund my hypercrate spending problem, but mostly because the markets are the most complex strategy game I’ve found so far. I’ve always applied some of the techniques and thought processes from my work to my SWTOR experience, but I needed an outlet to share the results with other people that might find it interesting or helpful.  That’s the core goal of this blog, to bring the spreadsheets and economic theory research that I’m already doing to the broader SWTOR community as a resource.

Although I subscribed at launch, life got in the way and I spent a couple years away from the game. One benefit of my time away was that when I rejoined the SWTOR community last year, I was not jaded by anything I had missed and encountered the game in its recent form without many preconceived notions. The downside was that some of the concepts and information that I explore may have been discussed previously and be old news to anyone that’s read every piece of fan-site content that I may have missed in my catch up reading.

Obviously the GTN and Crew Skills are two major components of the economy in SWTOR. My current projects are heavy in both areas, but there’s no facet of the game that I’m not willing to research. Please submit comments below or email me at if you have any questions about the SWTOR economy that you’d like to see explored and discussed, I want to be answering questions that people have about SWTOR’s economy, not just the ones in my head.

– Andrew | SWTOR Economics

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