GTN Alerts Expanding to The Harbinger

I started tweeting GTN Alerts over the weekend based on anomalies in the GTN data I’ve begun tracking on top tier crafting materials. Since I have only played on Jedi Covenant, the alerts were only pertinent to people playing on that server.  As an aside, check out my previous post on my hopes for a single GTN as part of the “better than cross-server queuing” updates expected for SWTOR this year.

I’ve begun leveling alts on each server, each named Avin’econ for convenience, to expand my ability to research the segmented GTN system as it exists for now.  I should have The Harbinger version of Avin’econ to the Republic fleet by this evening and will progress from there.  A Twitter follower from The Shadowlands has offered me access to his Stronghold, which allows me to gather data while leveling to fleet, so that will be my next focus after The Harbinger.

Each server will begin to have its own alerts about relative buying and selling opportunities that are outside their normal GTN equilibrium, as well as relative analysis covering the similarities and differences across the servers.  I’ve only taken one data set from The Harbinger, but my initial thoughts were more than a few tweets could handle:

[+] The Harbinger has 10-20% lower prices on the Artifact (Purple) Grade 11 materials across the board compared to Jedi Covenant.

[+] The Harbinger and Jedi Covenant have nearly identical prices for Prototype (Blue) Grade 11 materials, mostly clustered near the vendor sale price of 165 credits for most materials and 250 credits for Trimantium.

[+] The Harbinger has low prices on the Scavenging materials Farium and Molytex that are twice the Jedi Covenant low price.  Anodyne Extract was also selling for approximately double its Jedi Covenant price last night, with nearly identical quantity available (the Scavenging materials had varying quantities across servers).

[+] The Harbinger has 10% lower prices on both the MK-10 Augment Components and MK-10 Augment Kits compared to Jedi Covenant, but the two are in-line with each other based on the 10:1 ratio in the kit schematic on both servers.

Some or all of these observation may disappear over larger sample sizes, but the unique nature of each server’s economy was apparent very quickly when gathering this first data set on The Harbinger.  I’m enthusiastic about increasing the data set to all servers for daily pricing and quantity data points for both longitudinal analysis of each server as well as cross-sectional analysis at the same point in time across the servers.

– Andrew | SWTOR Economics


2 thoughts on “GTN Alerts Expanding to The Harbinger

  1. Good watch! Question: what’s your take on the fact that the MK-10 Augmentation components sell for more than the completed MK-10 Augmentation Kits? That is, what’s the economic reasoning behind this? Cheers!


    • If you didn’t check out the full MK-10 content and analysis that came out last week you should definitely take a look. The short answer is the critical chance of an extra kit during that crafting process.


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