Jung Ma: The Emerging Markets of GTN Economies

Due to a silver key to Farreel’s Coruscant Stronghold on Jung Ma, I was able to gather my first Jung Ma GTN data today!  Special thanks for that Stronghold key, it speeds up this process a lot on a new server.

My plan was for Jung Ma to join Jedi Covenant and The Harbinger with its own alerts, but one data collection already has me reevaluating that plan.  I’ll explain why my reaction is so strong in list format for ease-of-reading:

[+] Jung Ma has 5-10% of the quantity offered for sale in the Artifact (Purple) Grade 11 materials compared to the average quantity on Jedi Covenant and The Harbinger.

[+] Jung Ma has prices that are generally high and generally being manipulated due to the small supply and limited sellers.  The price multiple on both Jedi Covenant and The Harbinger averages out to 2.0 at a very high level, but varies among the different materials at any given time.  The price multiple on Jung Ma is 3.2 in my initial data.

[+] The prices and blatant market cornering in many materials on Jung Ma make any analysis of the GTN on this server null.  Most modern financial analysis relies heavily on the assumptions of multiple competitive sellers and numerous rational buyers for market function.  These assumptions are definitely not present on Jung Ma currently.

I am open to reconsidering and continuing to collect Jung Ma GTN data if there is sufficient interest, but it currently does not appear to be worth investing the time collecting the data.  This is the most glaring example of why cross-server GTN selling would improve the economics of SWTOR.  There are simply too few sellers and the result is visible in both supply levels that are a factor of 10 lower than Jedi Covenant and The Harbinger as well as some good old-fashioned price-gouging in large swaths of the top-tier crafting materials market.

I apologize to anyone that has a soft spot for Jung Ma and has played on the server for a long time, I remember my frustration in the early days when I left my original creations on a dying server to start anew on Jedi Covenant (pre-character transfer and pre-server mergers), but it might be worth considering honestly.  I don’t know how anyone could enjoy the economic parts of the game that are vibrant on other servers given what I’ve seen so far.

– Andrew | SWTOR Economics


4 thoughts on “Jung Ma: The Emerging Markets of GTN Economies

  1. I would love to analyze all of the GTN data by server to understand the nuances form server to server. There are probably a lot of great examples of different economic theories in the data.


    • If they ever create a GTN data output of any veracity, I’ll probably take a week’s vacation from work for that very reason. Hopefully they get to “better-than-cross-server” sooner than later and make it obsolete by combining the GTN’s into a single marketplace.

      – Andrew


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