Upcoming Wealthy Mission Analysis

I am trying to finish my big research project of the week, which has been to analyze the Wealthy Yield crew skill missions. There is one thing holding up the final analysis that I’m hoping the community might be able to help me clear up.

I can model the critical chance of all the Wealthy Yield missions, but due to small sample size and time constraints I’ve had few or even zero critical results for some of the crew skills. Can anyone provide the full item returns they’ve seen for critical hits on Wealthy Yield missions, including schematics and other things that can be sold to the vendor to defray costs.

I have been buying missions on the GTN and running as many as possible to fill in the missing data points, but I’ve heard from many players in the community that they have tracked mission results to varying degrees over time, so I’m hoping the data I need is already out there!

If you know these critical results and would like to help, you can comment below, send me a tweet, or email me (see Contact tab for details). I’ll give everyone credit in the final analysis for helping!

– Andrew | SWTOR Economics


2 thoughts on “Upcoming Wealthy Mission Analysis

  1. I’ve tracked a number of Wealthy missions across various mission skills, but I don’t know if I’ve tracked enough of the specific data to be of use to you.

    Whenever I run a Wealthy mission, I always run it on a companion with +Crit and 10k affection. Obviously, this impacts observed crit rate.

    When I run a Wealthy mission, I track only whether or not it crits. I do not track the other things that come along with the crit that I usually sell for vendor value. That’s where I think my data might not be enough for you.

    I also stopped tracking these pretty early on, even though I kept running them. Once I figured out that the Wealthy missions for the “mission” skills were awesome but those for the “gathering” skills were garbage, I had all I needed to know.

    Anyway, on to my numbers in hopes that they might help at least a bit.

    Diplomacy: 31 tracked, 7 crit, 23% crit
    Investigation (no +Crit companion): 40 tracked, 8 crit, 20% crit
    Slicing: 30 tracked, 7 crit, 23% crit
    Treasure Hunting: 48 tracked, 10 crit, 21% crit
    Underworld Trading: 37 tracked, 5(!) crit, 14% crit



  2. Interesting, your crit rates are higher than my model currently uses, although I leave out companion specific bonuses for universal applicability. I think all of them are hard/orange difficulty, so I would expect 15% crit rate with max affection companion. It looks like it could easily be luck in a small enough sample for pronounced variance, plus companion specific bonuses, that could account for the difference though.

    – Andrew | SWTOR Economics


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