The Harbinger GTN Alerts 2/12/15

If you have alts on servers that I am not currently covering and would be interested in helping pull the price/quantity data so that your server can have GTN Alerts too, please comment on the article or reach out to me via Twitter or my email in the contact tab on the menu bar.  Also, planning to do the next video GTN Alert during the weekend but still firming up the exact timing.

Purple Grade 11 Materials:

  • Adaptive Circuitry: supply has picked up some since yesterday’s low of 654 units available, but still 45% below average supply at 946.  The lowest price offered came down slightly to 29,999 which is within a few points of the two week average.  Still one of the most stable material markets on The Harbinger for sellers of top-tier materials, I wouldn’t shy away from listing anywhere above 28,000 based on the recent price trends.
  • Autoimmune Regulator: strong sellers market has improved even more since yesterday, with the current low offer of nearly 28,000 representing a 12% premium above its recent average low offer despite quantity supplied maintaining the 1,000 unit level that has been in place for nearly a week now compared to sub-300 quantities previously.  It is rare that the supply is the reason for a graph insert, but that’s the part that’s sticking out to me here.  The market seems to be meeting strong demand for the material otherwise I’d expect to see more undercutting with so much supply and a rapidly deteriorating lowest offer level, which is simply not occurring.

Harbinger Autoimmune_2.12.15

  • Doonium: another example of an intriguing supply jump the day after calling out the lack of units being listed, from 211 units yesterday to 1,142 units today!  That’s a big jump and nearly a new highest supply level for The Harbinger in my data, but the price still managed to climb to 20,496 as the lowest offer which offers a 14% premium above the average low offer.  Very good opportunity to list above 20,000 which has been rare for Doonium on The Harbinger.
  • Midlithe Crystal: continues to struggle with a lack of supply, even for the middle of the week historically, but the price jumped from 15,000 yesterday to 19,000 today as the lowest offer which has made this a very attractive material to try to sell on this server heading into the weekend.
  • Ottegan Silk: big price pop with current lowest offer all the way up to 1,400 which is about 70% above average for The Harbinger while supply is only a little below average, but I hardly think this is the sign of buyers coming to the GTN for Ottegan Silk.
  • Verpine Fiber: yesterday I called this “a market trying to find itself” and that continues to appear to be the case today.  The current low price of 9,485 is disguising a big gap up in the next lowest price listed today, which was a full stack at 15,000 and then smaller stacks at 18,000 and above.  The total supply is only 153, so with a full stack in that number there’s not a lot of listings out there.

Harbinger Verpine_2.12.15

Blue Grade 11 Materials:

  • Biocell Memory Core: above vendor arbitrage price, but no one selling within the net loss price range anymore so hopefully that’s a new trend going forward!
  • Havod: ***ARBITRAGE*** current low offer well below vendor price, risk-free credits available here, buy anything below 165 credits for vendor arbitrage.  Second straight day of sub-165 credit listings in Havod to buy off GTN and sell to the nearest vendor for free credits!
  • Hemostatic Gel: close enough to vendor sale price that net of the GTN’s commission the seller at the current low price of 171 should have just sold it to the vendor for more net profit.
  • Hiridiu Crystal: new day, same story… blue material just above the vendor arbitrage price, no incentive to buy the material, but the seller would receive more net proceeds by selling to the vendor than at current GTN price net of 6% GTN cut from proceeds if sale occurs!
  • Trimantium: yesterday’s bounce to 349 lowest offer was short-lived and we are already back to flirting with the 250 credit vendor arbitrage price.
  • Veda Cloth: same as yesterday, no vendor arbitrage for buyers, no economic benefit for sellers because net of GTN commission they’d pocket more credits by selling to the vendor.

Green Grade 11 Materials:

  • Anodyne Extract: still a strong sellers market carrying over from yesterday with minimal change in the lowest offer price.  I still think any listing price 600 or better is a good entry point for new listings.
  • Enigmatic Artifact Fragment: lowest offer has recovered from yesterday’s sub-1,000 price to return to the average price basically at 1,349 while supply also increased by almost 100% since yesterday.  Now it is back in its historical range and comfortably above the 1,200 price level I’ve been pegging as the “at or above” mark to list new units for sale.
  • Farium: has avoided repeating last week’s experience that I highlighted yesterday by reverting back above its mean low offer instead of falling further heading into the weekend.  The supply continues to be among the largest of the green materials which puts pressure on the price probably, so anything near the current low offer of 650 credits is not a bad spot if you really want to sell some.
  • Luminous Blue Crystal, Luminous Green Crystal, & Luminous Red Crystal: lack arbitrage opportunities and not even close anymore as supply has really fallen off for all three colors and prices the past few days have been up in the 150-250 low offer range.
  • Metamorphic Cell Culture: price has come back toward the previous range a little since yesterday, but still broader themes unchanged; only good sellers market if you’re gathering the materials, but if so, on a relative basis for The Harbinger anything above 150 is still decent sellers entry point.
  • Molytex: yesterday’s price has held up well while supply has surged to 26% above average and roughly double the low on Tuesday.  Current price range very attractive for selling excess supply.
  • Ruusan Crystal: lost a little more ground and is back to the high end of its previous range and in line with its overall average of an 1,100 low offer price with continued strong supply quantities.

Harbinger Ruusan_2.12.15

Other Notable Items:

  • MK-10 Kits: holds steady in the middle of its very narrow range with a 45,000 current low offer price and still selling at a nice premium above the components based on optimal critical chance crafting results.
  • MK-10 Components: another day of mean reversion has the lowest offer price basically holding the average line closely, but trades in a very narrow range typically and typical new listing can be priced between 4,200 and 4,500.
  • Synth-net Implant Processor, Vanadium Flux, and Zoosha Solution: no arbitrage and none being sold for better price to the buyer than the crafting material vendor price of 800, no reason to go to these on The Harbinger today.

Thanks for reading, I truly appreciate all of the interest in this content.

– Andrew | SWTOR Economics


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