GTN QuickView 3/1/15

New Daily Content!

The GTN Alert format is still a bit cumbersome, although I’m making strides to improve that content and it isn’t going anywhere.  In the meantime, I was frustrated on days that I didn’t have time to write a GTN Alert for a server because good data was being wasted.  So welcome to the first installment of the new GTN QuickView post that I suspect might become my most popular with some players.  All of the North American servers will soon be included with Red Eclipse and The Progenitor likely in the near future as well.

The Harbinger


Bonus content per request on Reddit:+Unit Price & Vendor Bid Reference Table

Jedi Covenant


The Shadowlands


The Ebon Hawk


Bergeren Colony


The Bastion


Prophecy of the Five


Jung Ma

Coming Soon…

The Progenitor

Coming Soon…

The Red Eclipse

Coming Soon…

As always, thank you for reading and hopefully you’ve enjoyed this GTN QuickView format and your comments and suggestions are welcome below!

– Andrew | SWTOR Economics


4 thoughts on “GTN QuickView 3/1/15

  1. Thanks again for the great content. I really like the condensed nature of this update. It provides a nice alternative to the more detailed analysis (which I also like but don’t always have time to read fully).


    • Thank you for the feedback, that’s why I expect these to be popular! I also don’t always have time to write the the full analysis, so there’s similar appeal from my side too.

      – Andrew


  2. This is great. Glad to see the servers now covered includes Begeren Colony. One quick note: the average price seems to include the high mat prices that are being charged by people who are trying to get players to confuse commas with periods — maybe there is a way to filter these out? e.g.: lots of prices for adaptive circuitry on BC for numbers like 34,525,333 per unit.


    • I’m actually already deleting anything with a unit price above 200,000 but still seeing upward skew from the moderately overpriced units. I think I just came up with an improvement though, so today’s version should have better values there.


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