GTN QuickView 4/11/2015

Introducing: T3-M4 (German PVE Server)

The next server to join the data set after Jung Ma 48 hours ago.  The item names are still their English names since my game client is English, if German readers would prefer the German names I’m open to looking into solutions to make that happen, but for now at least the data is included!  A special thank you to everyone that has been kind enough to provide a stronghold key for me to log in and check the GTN on so many servers, it is great to have such broad coverage in place.  If anyone on the remaining European servers would like to coordinate the key gifting to allow other servers to join the list, just email me at to start the process.

Now on to the reason you came here…

As always, thank you for reading.

– Andrew | SWTOR Economics


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