GTN Market Summary 4/27/2015

New and improved database queries are here!  Coming soon, new server-by-server top 10 buying and selling opportunities, but an updated version of the Excel file is below which you can filter and sort in the window or download it to fully manipulate on its own in the interim!


– Andrew | SWTOR Economics


4 thoughts on “GTN Market Summary 4/27/2015

  1. Nice work with the market watch but when can we expect info on other European servers, more precisely Tomb of Freedon Nadd, since it’s english server.


    • The only thing I need to add Tomb of Freedon Nadd is someone willing to give my alt a stronghold key to use their GTN terminal. I’ll create an alt as soon as I have a stronghold key offer and start pulling data the next day!


        • I created a whole system that I used to pull the data, but it become too much and once I was forced to stop doing it for a couple months I’ve never gotten back at it.

          The short explanation is lots of screenshots, one finely tuned character recognition program, and some Excel macros. Maybe it’s time to knock the dust off and get back into pulling data again…


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