Crew Skills & Materials Resource

There was a thread on /r/swtor this week that was asking for a resource like the one below.  I knew I had all the pieces scattered about, so I decided to clean it up and make it available as a community resource.  Nothing complicated here, just a list of the materials obtained via Crew Skills (both Gathering and Mission skills) along with their material type and the Crew Skill needed to obtain them.

I’m looking into making a “Welcome to SWTOR” video and blog resource series for new and returning players.  I’ve been receiving a lot of questions via Reddit, Twitter, and email lately because most of the resources out there are a bit dated at this point.  I know that much will change in October, but seems like a fun project in the meantime maybe.  If you’d be interested in helping, or have ideas for topics to cover, just let me know!


Thank you for checking it out and let me know if you have other resources you’d like to see created.

– Andrew | SWTOR Economics


3 thoughts on “Crew Skills & Materials Resource

  1. hey Andrew! I am really excited about your website. I just obtained my BA in Economics, and I keep seeing economic concepts every time I play this game, but never had a place to talk about it. Now I do!

    Thank you for the complete list of items! I wanted to do a little economic analysis myself, but did not have the time to write down all the materials.


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