Jedi Covenant GTN Alerts 2/11/15

Here are the notes and alerts for the Jedi Covenant server of Star Wars: The Old Republic covering the current top-tier crafting materials.

Purple Grade 11 Materials:

  • Adaptive Circuitry: currently a good sellers market, especially for the middle of the week with a low offer at 33,000 to end the day on the least quantity available that I’ve recorded for this material on Jedi Covenant at less than 200 units available.
  • Autoimmune Regulator: rarely posts a low offer at or above 30,000 credits on Jedi Covenant, so not only is 34,000 a 25% premium on the average low offer, it is the second highest low offer in the data set by a wide margin.  Supply is about three-fourths its average, but is typically just 100-300 on the server.

JC Autoimmune Reg_2.11.15

  • Doonium: trading near the top of its recent range of 15,000 to 20,000 with a 5.7x multiple is a nice spot for sellers. especially with supply trending below its average by about 33% at the same time.
  • Midlithe Crystal: supply has disappeared in this material market, always a better sellers market when fewer sellers are listing, pick your spot somewhere above it recent average of 22,000 lowest price listed, but the ceiling on that range with much likelihood of moving some volume is pretty tight, maybe no more than 24,000 per unit.
  • Ottegan Silk: still terrible market with no demand it seems, but the price is still comfortably above the vendor arbitrage price of 330 credits.
  • Verpine Fiber: quite a cyclical pattern is starting to emerge in this chart.  The price has spiked again the past two days, but this story has played out the last two weeks as well. If history repeats itself here we are headed for much lower prices as supply builds up heading into the weekend.

JC Verpine_2.11.15

Blue Grade 11 Materials:

  • Biocell Memory Core: just avoids arbitrage territory, which immediately makes it uninteresting.
  • Havod: price held up another day which could make this the most profitable blue material on either server if there are actually buyers in the market to sustain these elevated offer prices going forward, but supply still very low so any buying must be sporadic and low volume to not wipe out the total supply.

JC Havod_2.11.15

  • Hemostatic Gel: no-win territory above vendor arbitrage price but less than 50% of unit cost from missions.
  • Hiridiu Crystal: ***ARBITRAGE*** current low offer somewhat below vendor price, risk-free credits available here, buy anything below 165 credits for vendor arbitrage.
  • Trimantium: price is up for the second day in a row and now about 25% above the vendor arbitrage price of 250 it flirted with for most of the past week, all with increasing supply into the market too.  Interesting to see if this develops into a new trend that’s more promising for sellers.
  • Veda Cloth: close enough to vendor sale price that net of the GTN’s commission the seller at the current low price should have just sold it to the vendor for more net profit.

Green Grade 11 Materials:

  • Anodyne Extract: continuing the trend that got a lot of words devoted to it yesterday, but now on the other side of its oscillating lowest offer price and 36% below its average lowest offer price for Jedi Covenant.  If you list today, try that higher part of the range above 700 credits per unit.
  • Enigmatic Artifact Fragment: supply fell apart overnight Tuesday going into Wednesday, decreasing by about 75%, which allowed the lowest offer price to return to its much more seller-friendly price range with a low offer above 1,600 to end the day.  Still see the ideal selling range as basically 1,450 to 2,000 like I said yesterday.
  • Farium: is cheap right now by Jedi Covenant standards, currently 30% below its average lowest offer.  It is cheaper to buy than run the gathering missions, although gathering from nodes remains king of cost reduction.
  • Luminous Blue Crystal, Luminous Green Crystal, & Luminous Red Crystal: I’m mostly tracking these for the principal of tracking all of the grade 11 materials at this point, nothing to report.
  • Metamorphic Cell Culture: just a few ticks below average on both price and quantity, but trading in a very tight range of 200-400 credits per unit with a supply almost always between 2,000 and 3,000 units available.
  • Molytex: lowest offer is holding up well, hovering right around its average low offer of 1,200 on Jedi Covenant, but if the price falls below 1,000 definitely hold off for better selling chances.
  • Ruusan Crystal: current low offer is about 25% below the recent average price, reiterating yesterday’s view that selling below 1,000 is not attractive for sell-side and strongest sellers market is 1,200 or more which has not been that far in the past.

Other Notable Items:

  • MK-10 Kits: back down to 42,500 lowest offer, the frequency of that exact low offer makes me inclined to think that a few people are really driving the sell-side here and that’s their comfort zone pricing.  Not a bad thing, just an observation.
  • MK-10 Components: headed into the update with a low offer of 4,700 which is near the upper portion of its range on this server.  Kits are still more lucrative for sellers on a relative basis and if you are optimal crafting for 23% crit you could buy components at this price and make money sell them at the current kit price even.  The component to kit profit margin or markup is much smaller on Jedi Covenant than The Harbinger though it seems so far.
  • Synth-net Implant Processor, Vanadium Flux, and Zoosha Solution: nothing actionable, but a lone listing of Zoosha had an aggressively high price that was fun to see.

Thanks for reading, I truly appreciate all of the interest in this content.

– Andrew | SWTOR Economics


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