GTN QuickView 4/13/2015

Another German Server Added

Today’s GTN QuickView features Vanjervalis Chain, the German RP server!  Still one more English EU server (ToFN) and now just one more German EU server left too!  French servers are the final frontier, but I’ll get there soon I’m sure.

Upcoming Posts

There’s been interest on Reddit for some Matter Transubstantiator analysis, so I’m going to try to write that tonight.  I’m also aiming to get back into more relative statistics over time and across servers soon, almost finished with the more robust database that’s been a long-term project since the original Excel version locked up.  The current GTN QuickView content is the first outputs of the new database, but still rudimentary and looking forward to more graphs and averages and relative value notes.



As always, thanks for checking out the blog.

– Andrew | SWTOR Economics


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