GTN QuickView 4/19/2015

A few updates on this week’s content schedule…

Today’s GTN QuickView will hopefully be the final in the current format, I’ll be bringing relative value data back into the GTN QuickView as soon as this evening along with a surprise improvement to the content!  The second pending content that I’ve been working on for quite some time is an expansion to all prior tiers of my unit costs for crafting materials.  This will then allow an absolute valuation ratio to return to my content as well.  I have been trying to finish these database improvements before writing posts such as the Matter Transubstantiator one I mentioned before, but all of that and more is on target to move forward this week.

On to the data, which now should include a download link if you’d like to pull it into Excel for easier manipulation!



As always, thanks for checking out the blog.

– Andrew | SWTOR Economics


2 thoughts on “GTN QuickView 4/19/2015

    • The timing varies widely right now because it is not an automated process. The short answer is screenshots, I’ve worked out a system to take a bunch of screenshots using shortcut keys, only takes about 10 minutes per server. Then I run the images through an OCR software that I’ve fine tuned to a high efficiency tool to convert the screenshots to this data.


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