Jedi Covenant GTN Alerts 2/10/15

Here are tonight’s notes and alerts for the Jedi Covenant server of Star Wars: The Old Republic covering the current top-tier crafting materials.

Purple Grade 11 Materials:

  • Adaptive Circuitry: undercutting the current low would be selling about 10% below the recent average low offer, so sellers without urgency to sell will probably be better off above 33,000 list price per unit, which has developed into what a technical trader might call a resistance level given the past week and the fact that it was also a support level during the prior 10 days or so.  If that is the case, the price might struggle to break out above 33,000 but could run up to 38,000 to test the previous high-water mark if it does break out.


  • Autoimmune Regulator: overnight low offer of 24,000 is well below the recent average of 27,000 and the market for this material rebounded quickly from a similar dip last Tuesday as well, so definitely list 27,000 or higher in anticipation of upside potential heading toward the weekend.
  • Doonium: is stuck at a low offer of 15,000 for third day in a row, still 10% below its recent average
  • Midlithe Crystal: overnight low offer was at a 10% premium to its 22,000 recent average low offer with a quantity available of just 197 compared to 2,741 available the prior day, Good sellers market could become even better with such tight supply picture.
  • Ottegan Silk: no arbitrage available, but no profit either.  Not terrible relative low offer of 699 to end the day if you have stacks and want to try to liquidate some at about twice the vendor price it might be worth a try.
  • Verpine Fiber: The price keeps spiking to about 14,000 during the middle of each week.  Not sure if there are buyers at that price, but it makes for an interesting chart and maybe an opportunity to list something in the 10,000 range for a higher likelihood of an interested buyer but still well above the 4,500 to 7,500 typical range for the low offer.

JC Verpine

Blue Grade 11 Materials:

  • Biocell Memory Core: no-win territory above vendor arbitrage price but less than 50% of unit cost from missions.
  • Havod: no-win territory above vendor arbitrage price but less than 50% of unit cost from missions.
  • Hemostatic Gel: ***ARBITRAGE*** current low offer somewhat below vendor price, risk-free credits available here, buy anything below 165 credits for vendor arbitrage.
  • Hiridiu Crystal: no-win territory above vendor arbitrage price but less than 50% of unit cost from missions.
  • Trimantium: no-win territory above vendor arbitrage price but less than 50% of unit cost from missions.
  • Veda Cloth: ***ARBITRAGE*** current low offer just slightly below vendor price, risk-free credits available here, buy anything below 165 credits for vendor arbitrage.

Green Grade 11 Materials:

  • Anodyne Extract: recent market shows great example of the importance of knowing the market trends to maximize your profit on the GTN.  There is a very bi-model pricing pattern in place which you can see below in the chart.  The low offer is below 400 about as often as it is above 700, but is between the two only about once per week.  You definitely want to play in the range above 700 as a seller, unless you try increasing your target listing price for a week or two and aren’t moving the kind of volume you want to move.  If you’re listing below the average low price of 610 and seeing quick sales, that’s probably someone else buying up your cheap listings between 300 and 500 credits I bet.

JC Anodyne Extract

  • Enigmatic Artifact Fragment: has has a tough week if you’re a seller of this normally premium green materials on Jedi Covenant.  The low offer has come back up some, but at 999 credits at the end of the day was still pricing at a 26% discount to its average low offer. Supply has been higher than early in the data, but tempered more recently, so it has the look of some new sellers entering the GTN and undercutting as they added to the supply which pushed the price from the 1,450 to 2,000 range it previously held on the server down to an 800 to 1,200 credit range it has been stuck in for about 10 days.

JC Engimatic AF

  • Farium: ended the day at 351 low offer, a 19% discount to its recent average low offer, but that average has been skewed by a few higher data points, this is right in the middle of fairly well defined trading range with supply right in line with average amount, so looks like a material market in equilibrium actually.
  • Luminous Blue Crystal, Luminous Green Crystal, & Luminous Red Crystal: nothing notable, no arbitrage or profit opportunities to discuss.
  • Metamorphic Cell Culture: low offer of 383 credits to end the day is a 28% premium above average low off with supply below norm by 18%, strong sellers market entry point.
  • Molytex: the multiple is solid and still good price to enter market as seller right at the average low offer with supply 25% below average.  Recent sweet spot appears to be 1,200 to 1,400 per unit which is quite nice, I might actually sell some Molytex from legacy storage tonight.
  • Ruusan Crystal: current low offer sits at the bottom of its range at 943, definitely want to list above 1,000 and if you can wait out the market the average low offer is up at 1,200 historically.

Other Notable Items:

  • MK-10 Kits: decent relative sellers market below recent average low offer but right at median currently and very narrow range of low offers this month means little hope for a big appreciation, especially since kits are priced well on a relative basis to components currently as well.  Anything above 40,000 is a good enough sellers market in kits for me to participate in typically.
  • MK-10 Components: current low offer of 4,950 is near top of range collected so far, which makes it a very strong relative entry point for sellers, but still more lucrative to craft with optimal companion and sell kits.
  • Synth-net Implant Processor, Vanadium Flux, and Zoosha Solution: nothing noteworthy or actionable.

Thanks for reading, I truly appreciate all of the interest in this content.

– Andrew | SWTOR Economics

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